So Here’s the Thing…


If you’re looking at this page today, my apologies. Just like so many other things in my life it is “Under Construction.” Truth is, I’ve neglected much of my own social media and blogging because I spend my time helping other folks develop theirs. I focus most of my efforts on helping people put their thoughts into print while juggling my Blissful Bites Bakery and managing my husband’s electrical business. I didn’t mention that we’ve pastored a church for over twenty years, and somewhere in there I found time to write a couple of non-fiction books. Recently, I decided to turn at least some of my attention to my own writing once again, and I have even ventured into the realm of fiction. Today though, I am hanging out in Franklin, TN with a group of likeminded folks who are probably sitting on finished novels and publishing offers. And here I sit with an unfinished blog site and incomplete novel. Yes, I’m out of my league, but that’s okay. I’m learning. I’ll get there, and I ask that you bear with me while I do. I pulled most of the content on my site to rearrange and refresh it, but that process is not yet complete. If you like, you can check out my Faith Amid Chaos blog ( and (my work site). If I haven’t lost you yet, I want to invite you back next week. By then, my body will have caught up with my brain and my site should be up and running once again. Thanks for stopping in and happy writing! Angi 🙂

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